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Hey Bad B!+€#— time to break free from that bra! 

PastedNip is a woman-owned & operated business out of Atlanta, GA. With a passion for pasties and the mission to create the best braless alternative - PastedNip was made. 

Our pasties have a hypoallergenic adhesive - hand painted on each pasty to ensure the smoothest quality. We complete the front of each pasty with a unique matte finish applicator to give you a flash-proof finish under all fabric  & material types. 

We guarantee 100% nipple coverage - always. 

Our nipple covers have transparent edges for seamless blending into skin and come in 3 specially made shades for skin-tone inclusivity; (1) light (2) medium (3) dark. PastedNip is round in shape & comes in 1 universal size - big & small, we cover them all!

Love your nipples, love yourself, paste your nips,

Roxanne & Audrey